Melcina Rosas, NY; March 2011
I was concerned about sending out my negatives, but scanmyimages is a GREAT service. So far I have sent dozens of rolls of film to them and the scans look better than I expected. When I used my own scanner, I could never get the scans to look so brilliant, but scanmyimages has done a better job than even my high end digital SLR camera.
Joshua, WA; March 2011
The negatives and pictures you scanned for me are wonderful! I'll be using them shortly to finish several chapters of my family's history and will also be sending you more negatives or pictures to scan.
Dave Brubaker, Sacramento, CA; March 2011
Nice job on the scans!
Frank O., NC; February 2011
I have just had my first opportunity to look through one set of the DVDs you made for me from the slides and photos. They look wonderful! What an absolute treasure to now have access to these photos! There are a bunch from my childhood-- including pictures of my first birthday that I haven't seen in years-- plus ones of my parents and grandparents from way before I was born. Oh, what an absolute treasure!
Thank you so much for all the care you took to label the photos and put them into groups, including dates when possible. I know my family members are going to enjoy seeing these images again.
You did a wonderful job and I appreciate it so much. I will be in touch again when I am ready to hand off another project for you!
Monika, San Francisco; February 2011
I have nothing but high praises for scanmyimages. Tasked by my family with converting more than 3,000 slides covering our lives from the 1960s to today, I was more than a little nervous about entrusting them with a complete stranger. Plus, considering how many slides there were, I was also worried about how much it would all cost.
I thought for sure that I would have to either a) pay to ship them eight states away just to save money b) drive two hours out of my way or c) pay upwards of $2 a slide to have them converted locally.
I was so grateful to come across scanmyimages. Not only were they located in the Bay Area, but they picked up and dropped off our slides AND were very reasonably priced. In fact, they were comparable to places I was considering in Utah, etc.
More than anything, Ela set my mind at ease. She investigated and answered my questions quickly, she was easy to get a hold of, and she kept every single slide in all of my 35 carousels in the exact order in which she found them.
In return, I got a stack of neatly organized discs containing images some of us haven't enjoyed in years. That in itself is priceless.
M. Skiles, CA; February 2011
We viewed the pictures and think you did a wonderful job!
Catherine Swindell, SC; February 2011
People who want their images scanned will be happy with the services provided by SCANMYIMAGES. SCANMYIMAGES scanned about 2500 of my slides. The quality was excellent; the work was done in a timely manner; and was performed at a fair and reasonable price. They were willing to use my sequential numbering system and to place each slide back into its own sleeve in order. Slides were picked up from me and delivered back to me quite promptly and they were treated with great care. I cannot think of any area of their work that can be improved. I have recommended SCANMYIMAGES to several friends and colleagues knowing that they would not be disappointed. I also intend to submit additional photo images to SCANMYIMAGES for additional photo archiving. Use SCANMYIMAGES with confidence.
Andrew Kubersky, San Francisco; January 2011
When I need something scanned at the highest quality possible, I go to scanmyimages. They have done a masterful job scanning hundreds of my negatives, and I am so grateful that they are now preserved digitally! There is no better place to go to get negatives scanned, period.
Steve McClure, Springfield, IL; January 2011
I was very pleased with the quality of your service and how it was provided -- everything was first-class. I endorse both your product and your process! Thanks;
Susan Black, San Francisco; June 2010
Once again, you did an EXCELLENT job scanning my negatives - better than I did!
Frank Rodriguez, Chicago; July 2009
I'm a 76-year-old semi-retired grandfather of five, whose current interests are grandkids, photography, computing, and soccer. I've been taking pictures since I was twelve, and have accumulated a large archive of negatives. In bringing my photographs to the computer, I've dealt with a number of scanning services and have generally been pleased with the results. I am quite pleased with the scanmyimages service. The transaction was simple, smooth, and friendly, and the quality of the thousands of 120-format, black & white scans they did for me is uniformly high. Also, I quite appreciate the effort they took to translate the markings on my negative sheets into useful folder names. If I had more negatives to scan, I'd certainly use their service again.
Chris Shaw, CA; July 2009
Thank you for such speedy service. I really appreciate this, and your level of concern regarding what I wanted with your scanning service. I am pleased with the results.
Marcia Joy, CA; July 2009
The scans you did for us are just excellent - perfect, ready to go, no need to remove dust specks from the files!
Phillip Colwart, Phillip Colwart Photography, Hammond, LA
Scans Superb! Rival Drums Scans, Extremely Pleased, Wonderful Scans, Very Fast Turnaround, Absolutely Best Service and Quality;
Daniel Reardon, Glenshaw, PA
Scans are excellent, high quality work - highly recommended!
Ted Rose, Pasadena, CA
Outstanding scans and super fast service, thanks!
Tom Bessette, Delmar, NY
Great Service and Quality, good communication, happy with everything!!
Christopher S., Bronx, NY
High Quality Scans - thanks
Neal Currie
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